Mourning to our Grandfather

Home & Life Foundation regret to inform you that our grandfather “Boonmee Maneejak” has sadly pass away at the ages of 86. Grandfather was the father of our Home & Life foundation’s founder Root “Bhudit Maneejak”  

Grandfather has a chance to visit his son’s foundation 5 years ago and praised all the staff here for running such a good project. Grandfather was very proud of his son and all of the staffs to all the work that’s has been done and continue to be done for society and the children here.

The children here saw “Boonmee” as their grandfather figure and some attended his funeral to pay their respects.
The children visited grandfather 3 years ago during the Thai New Year “Songkran Festival”

Before his death, grandfather included Home & Life Foundation in his will, donating nearly £600 to the foundation. This is a generous donation and also gives great encouragement to the Home & Life family.

Grandfather taught good morals which should be used as a guide in life

May the spirit of grandfather rest in peace.


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